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Entries Ages

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Entries ages problems

From the Users Manual-Importen Registry Parts-Entries Ages

By default, entries are marked as old after two days from the time when they were viewed in Reg Organizer.
However, you can change this in the program settings.

To access the required settings, select the Settings… command located in the Commands submenu of the Main Menu.
In the settings window, select the Important Registry Parts category in the left-hand area.

This setting lets you specify the mode for marking entries as old:

Automatically - All new entries are marked as new.
Reg Organizer marks an entry as old automatically after a certain period of time from the moment when it was first viewed by the user.
(The time is also specified here in settings.)

Manually - All new entries are marked as new.
Users mark records as old (or new) on their own using the Entries' Ages item on the context menu of the entry.
Before marking the age of the entry, you must check its checkbox.

Commands-Settings-Important Registry Parts in left hand area-???
I can not find it.

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Re: Entries Ages

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Thank you for the information, we need to update the documentation. The option for changing the number of days after which the entry becomes old was recently removed from the user interface.