Files Inspector v3.22 - Settings, Ignore List, Add error, and other errors

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Files Inspector v3.22 - Settings, Ignore List, Add error, and other errors

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Files Inspector v3.22 error when trying to add an exception
via Settings, Ignore List, Add, resulting in:
"External exception C015000F."
The program then locks up and must be terminated by task manager.

There seems to be no way for me to add an exception,
such as DCIM,
where I prefer not to 'shrink' my own SOOC Straight Out Of The Camera original JPGs.

Is there a registry value I can edit manually?

And when looking at almost any Picture folders a second time, I get:
[ JPEG error #53 ]
... and cannot re-inspect folders.

I got
[ JPEG error #68 ]
... and can re-inspect folders,
but it shows no numbers on the [ Reduce ] button,
for example, the top promises [ 9 MB (-7%) - can befreed by lossless compression. 235 image9s). size before compression: 139 MB ],
the next line says [ 1 of 72 ], not '235' images,
but the button at the bottom simply says [ Reduce ],
and the result is instant return to the [ PICTURES ] directory listing,
so instant that I doubt it actually did anything
when I return to the same directory, I get the same results over and over.

AND I got
[ JPEG error #51 ]
when opening a directory,
and the image presented was form another directory, and any attempt to move the
[ 1 of 4 ]
resulted in
[ JPEG error #51 ]
again and again.

When asking for a [ Preview ], one folder said:
[ 194 of 34 images processed ... ]

Most images do not generate a preview, just leaving the right side of the screen with the message:
[ Generating the preview ... ]

And sometimes the file count at the top of [ File Size Reduce Preview ] screen
is different from the file count in the [ Reduce xxx files ] button at the bottom of the screen,
as if some of the total files promised at the top
will be ignored by the button command at the bottom of the screen,
with no explanation of why there is a different count at the top and bottom.

[ Error occurred (code 1). Please report this error code to developers when contacting support. ]
on a directory of 84 JPGs that then 'worked' for 83 files upon immediate retrying.

[ Remove ]
- 'remove the displayed item from the display's list, leaving it on the drive'
- 'DELETE the item from the drive'?

Is there an error log that identifies specific problematic image files, or a log that lists everything the program does?

Thanks for letting us explore this and give feedback.
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Re: Files Inspector v3.22 - Settings, Ignore List, Add error, and other errors

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Unfortunately, the built-in log is not available in Files Inspector. If the problem is reproduced stable on the specific files you may upload them somewhere or send out to is that we could investigate this problem.
We also cannot reproduce the ignore list adding problem.