Reg Organizer corrupts HP Printer Files

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Reg Organizer corrupts HP Printer Files

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When I run Reg Organizer disk cleaner and and registery cleanup it corrupts a file in my Hp Officejet 4540 printer software. When I reboot the Win. install program tries to install App/Tray and Fax portions of the HP full installation software. I have to un-install the HP printer software and re-install it every time I run Reg Organizer???
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Anton Maksimov
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Re: Reg Organizer corrupts HP Printer Files

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In order to analyze this issue we need the list of files/keys that Reg Organizer
finds while scanning the disk/registry in the automatic cleanup mode. To do
this, run Reg Organizer on your restored system. As far as the program finishes
scanning (the system is not affected during this process, so you can safely do it),
witch to the list mode by clicking the "Show incorrect records (for experienced users)"
link and save all found errors to a file by clicking the "Save as" button. Send us that
file to email

After analyzing this information, if the problem will be confirmed, we will send
you recommendations on how you can configure the program, and the issue will be
fixed in one of the next updates.