Reg Organizer 5.20 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 5.20 - What's New

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The new Reg Organizer 5.20 has been released.

Download Reg Organizer 5.20

What's new:

* A tool for complete application removal from the system has been improved.
Now all installed applications are displayed in one list regardless of
how they were installed: with or without tracking of changes during the
installation process. The former one allows you to uninstall an application
completely if you want.

* In the Application Uninstaller tool you can install a new application in silent
mode without prompting during the installation. This will save time if you
are reinstalling an application you know well.

* A new tool: Registry snapshots. The tool creates and compares different
states of the registry saved at different times. In previous versions, this
functionality was a part of the Application Uninstaller tool.

* An option to enable a special agent program that monitors and fixes the
moment when an application was run and suggests tracking all changes
made to the system since that time. This guarantees correct and complete
uninstalling of an application, if such need arises.

* Information about the current state of the operation has been added to
the top of disk and registry cleanup windows.

* Registry Editor: The “Add to Favorites” button has been removed from the
main window. Instead, this command has been transferred to the Favorites
menu to provide a better user experience as all related commands are now
in the same place.

* Changes in Express Check tool logics. Now, if the Express Check was active
when you exit the program, it remains turned on, and on the next run of Reg
Organizer, the state of the “Execute Express Check at Reg Organizer startup”
isn’t considered.

* Fixed bugs:

1) In some cases unnecessary files were not deleted by the Disk
Cleaner tool.

2) Registry Editor: REG_DWORD parameters containing very big
numbers could be displayed incorrectly as negative numbers
even if they were actually positive.

3) Upon switching from the Search and Replace tool back to the
Registry Editor after making changes or replacements in parameter
names or values, you could see old unchanged values.

4) Some labels in certain sections of the settings window were
not displayed.

Download Reg Organizer 5.20