Reg Organizer 6.02 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 6.02 - What's New

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The new Reg Organizer 6.02 has been released.

Download Reg Organizer 6.02

What's new in Reg Organizer 6.02:

* Application Uninstaller: If you press Del in the window shown after an
application removal is executed, the process of searching traces is skipped,
and only the built-in uninstaller will be used. This is useful when you don't
want to scan for traces left in the system by the application you want to be
uninstalled, for example, if you uninstall an application prior to installing
its newer version.

* Bug fixed: In some cases the button title on the registry editor search
results toolbar could be changed from "Check All" to "Uncheck All" despite
there being no marked items in the list.

What's new in Reg Organizer 6.01:

* Bugs fixed.

What's new in Reg Organizer 6.0:

* Tweaks - the tool which is intended for changing the hidden and
hard-to-get-to options of the operating system - has been revamped.
Here are some changes:

1) Quick tune-up groups have been added. With their
help, it is possible to optimize the specific aspects of the
operating system functioning with a few mouse clicks. For
example, when working with the Internet or system, load and unload
time can be optimized.

2) The number of tweaks available in the program for manual changing
by the user was increased.

3) For more experienced users, an option was added to create
their own tweaks and share them with other users. Also the
created tweaks can be exported so that Reg Organizer won’t be
needed to open them. Any registry editing tool will do, for
example, the standard regedit.exe from the operating system.

4) Safer working with the tweaks: any changing can be easily undone.
A button for opening the Undoing Changes Center has been added to
the right lower corner of the Tweaks tool window.

5) Windows 8 support (the rest of the tools of Reg Organizer
supported it before as well).

6) A new tweak has been added: "Hide Recycle Bin from Desktop".

* The Registry Editor tool:

1) The ability to start the registry editor quickly, directly from
Windows, even if Reg Organizer is not open. To do this, you just
enter the alias “rrr” in the Run window (it appears when pressing
the Win + R keys combination in Windows), in the search field of the
Start Menu, or the Start screen of Windows 8. This will result in
opening the registry editor of Reg Organizer. The confirmation
window of the User Account Control (UAC) feature of Windows
won’t be displayed.

2) In the input field of the search string, a hint will be
displayed with information about where the search will be
performed (in the entire Registry or separate key), in
accordance with the current settings.

3) Toolbar is nestled than before: The Registry File button has
been removed because it’s rarely used, and its commands
can now be found on context menus.

4) You can switch between the main window controls by
pressing the Tab key on the keyboard, without using the mouse.

5) Registry settings are sorted alphabetically as in the standard
registry editor (regedit.exe).

6) The behaviour of the registry editor key entering field has been
improved when manually typing the key.

7) Adding and displaying the registry items in Favorites has been

8) When creating a registry value, the focus by default will
be set to its name. When editing, it will be set to the value's

* The Express Check function now works faster.

* Usability improvement: The Important Registry Parts tool's sections are
now sorted so that the most popular ones are shown first.

* Disk Cleanup tool:

1) By default, the program deletes shortcuts pointing to files that
do not exist. However, you can enable the repair of such files
instead of deletion (that’s the way these files were handled in the
previous versions).

2) When a file is deleted, the program creates a record in the
Undoing Changes Center.

* The Undoing Changes Center is an updated feature allowing you to rollback
changes made to the system registry using Reg Organizer.

1) The changes made to the system registry while using the registry
tool of Reg Organizer can be cancelled. For example, if you’ve
accidentally deleted an important key during the registry editing,
it can be easily restored.

2) For each backup, you can see what registry items are
affected by it.

3) Automatic deletion of obsolete backups.

4) The ability to rename backups. With this function, it is possible
to specify any keywords in the backup's name allowing you to easily
distinguish one backup from another.

* Fixed bugs:

1) Registry snapshot comparison function didn't work under
Windows Vista or higher if the classic color theme was

2) The message "TTaskDialog requires themes to be enabled"
could also be shown under the same conditions while working
with the installing applications with tracing function.

3) When an application was removed using the Application
Uninstaller tool, a message "For safety purposes a system
restore point has been created" was shown even if a
restore point wasn't created.

4) Some interface elements were not displayed correctly if
very large font is enabled in the system settings.

5) The program could hang if the user added too many items
to the ignore list of the Registry Cleanup or Disk Cleaner.

6) Fixed bug: The program has an option for moving the
unwanted files to a specified folder. The program did not
exclude that folder from scanning when the option was
enabled. As a result, the program used to scan that
folder and find previously processed files again.