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Autorun Organizer - What's New

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The new version of Autorun Organizer has been released.

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What's new in 2.29 (December 13, 2016):

* The correct recognition of the system commands without the
extension and the path, for example: subst w: "D:\some\path\"
in the startup.

* Bug fixed: in was not possible to delay the items, which had in
the names the characters prohibited in the file names, for
example "?".

What's new in 2.28 (November 10, 2016):

* Installer improvements.

What's new in 2.27 (October 11, 2016):

* Moving the service to the 64-bit architecture (of running under the
64-bit system). In some cases this leads to the faster service work.

What's new in 2.26 (September 29, 2016):

* Minor corrections.

What's new in 2.25 (September 19, 2016):

* Bug fixed: On some systems running Windows 10 if the system
startup optimization is enabled, the turning off of the computer
could take more time than usually.

What's new in 2.24 (August 29, 2016):

* The multi-language support module improvements.

What's new in 2.23 (July 25, 2016):

* Bug fixed: The product's version could be displayed incorrectly on some systems.

What's new in 2.22 (July 18, 2016):

* Minor improvements.

What's new in 2.21 (March 28, 2016):

* The startup impact is now shown for a larger number of items.

What's new in 2.20 (March 22, 2016):

* The applications which has a big impact on the startup are marked
in the list with the arrow (available in Windows 10/8).

* Now it is possible to restore using the Undoing Changes Center
the startup entries you ever removed. With it it is also easy
to cancel the performed optimizations of the startup entries
in case this is necessary.

* Bug fixed: If larger system fonts are enabled in Windows 10/8.1,
the program's windows have been blurred.

What's new in 2.15 (November 23, 2015):

* The program's installation script has been improved.

What's new in 2.14 (September 15, 2015):

* Support of users translations of the program into the other
languages. If you want to translate Autorun Organizer into
the another language, please visit

What's new in 2.12 (July 3, 2015):

* The automatically started Windows services are also shown in
the list by default. Previously, to view them it was necessary
to change the option.

* Bug fixed: A standard button for minimizing the application
was disabled.

What's new in 2.11 (May 12, 2015):

* The problem with the application's digital signature has
been fixed.

What's new in 2.10:

* Anti-virus check of the startup applications using the VirusTotal

What's new in 2.0:

* Support of the new startup locations: Services and Drivers.
Autorun Organizer allows to to configure the delayed launch
of the applications from these locations as for other startup

* When displaying entries which are calling the third-party
code by way of using the rundll32.exe program, the
information about the actually called module is shown
instead of rundll32.exe.

* A command for removing the selected entry has been added to
the startup items list.

* Bug fixed: In some cases the new entries were not shown
in the separate group as is customary in the program.

What's new in 1.12:

* Minor bug fixes

What's new in 1.02:

* Bugs fixed:

1) Some interface parts does not displayed correctly under the Classic Windows theme.
2) After delaying some programs a superfluous window might occur on their loading after logging to the system.

What's new in 1.01:

* Some minor changes.

What's new in 1.0:

* The first program release.