Bug in RO 6.21

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Bug in RO 6.21

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I believe that I have found a bug which will only show in the upcoming windows 8.1 x64 (windows 6.3)(have not tested on x32). Using the default settings and doing an automatic registry clean removes critical registry entries that are required to start the WSearch service. This can be inspected from the service tab of the windows Task Manager, which will show WSearch as stopped. The result will be empty 'This PC' folder and others. Trying manually to start WSearch will fail. Restoring from RO's backup is the only simple solution. I've tested this twice. Interestingly, RO does not effect the current windows 8 x32 bit's indexing.
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Re: Bug in RO 6.21

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I would appreciate if you repeat the registry cleanup and send us the list of the found problems to support@chemtable.com. The file can be created using the Save List As... tool bar command.

This will help us to investigate this problem. Thanks in advance.