Reg Organizer 5.21 - What's New

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Anton Maksimov
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Reg Organizer 5.21 - What's New

Post by Anton Maksimov »

The new Reg Organizer 5.21 has been released.

Download Reg Organizer 5.21

What's new:

* The Application Uninstaller tool now supports tracing changes even after
closing the program. With this feature, you can install with tracing applications
that require a reboot during installation.

* Fixed bugs:

1) The installer execution tracing agent used to be disabled if
reinstalling the program.

2) The error "Invalid data type for 'InstallDate'" might occur when
using the Application Uninstaller or Registry Cleanup tool.

Download Reg Organizer 5.21
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Re: Reg Organizer 5.21 - What's New

Post by DimitriAus »

Your Organizer License is actually 1 year subscription. It is not indicated anyware during purchase. Therefore your business is a fraud and you are thief.
Besides Reg Organizer corrupt windows.
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Chemtable Software
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Re: Reg Organizer 5.21 - What's New

Post by Chemtable Software »

Thank you for your note, however the information about the subscription is available on the order page:

("UPON PURCHASE YOU...Receive further updates of the program for free within a year after the purchase.").

Regarding problems with Reg Organizer. Could you please give more information: what kind of problems you have experienced?

Thank you.