Reg Organizer 5.10 Beta 1 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 5.10 Beta 1 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 5.10 Beta 1 has been released.


* Registry Search tool:

1) The search field is placed on top of the window. Now it’s
easier to run a repeat search or replacement as there is no need
to switch between tabs to enter a new query into the search field.

2) Added a feature that enables searching text strings in binary
parameters (such as REG_BINARY).

3) The search results table supports sorting of items.

* Registry Editor:

1) Keys and parameters of the registry, that have been added to
Favorites, are now displayed in the drop-down list right in the
registry editor window, rather than in a separate window. It
simplifies work with Favorites.

2) In Favorites, users can see a comment about a key (if available),
rather than a key name. For example, if you add the key
CurrentVersion\Uninstall, you can enter a comment “Information
on installed applications”, and the key will be displayed with this
phrase in Favorites.

3) When viewing a binary value (for example, of a REG_BINARY type),
the KOI-8 and Unicode strings presented in the value are displayed.

4) If you select the “Expand Key” command of the context menu, the tree
is expanded to a certain limit. Earlier, this command would take too
long on large registry keys, causing a computer to lock up.

* Bugs fixed:

1) When the Registry Optimization tool was used while themes on
Windows Vista and higher were disabled, an error message
"TaskDialog requires themes to be enabled" would appear.

2) Comments about registry keys made by the user could get deleted
on their own.

Download link: