Reg Organizer 5.30 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 5.30 - What's New

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The new Reg Organizer 5.30 has been released.

Download Reg Organizer 5.30

What's new:

* When opening a reg file in the registry editor, the program now shows not
only keys and values which will be added to the registry after importing
this file, but also ones which will be removed. (Besides the ability to add
data to the registry, reg files support the rarely used feature - removing

* Some usability improvements in the registry editor.

* Registry Editor tool changes:

1) Two variants for representing search results: in a separate tab or
integrated into the registry editor.

2) Registry search result tab now has a button to close it.

3) After a registry search, if the width of the search result columns was
changed, it is saved and restored in all subsequent search results.

4) Registry search logic has been improved.

* An option to turn off backups has been added in the settings window, the
General section.

* The logic of the System Express Check on Reg Organizer startup has been

* By default, the backup records are now sorted by date in the Backups window.

* The ignore list of the Registry Cleanup tool has been updated.

* Now the registry search feature is built into the Registry Editor. To run
a search, just enter a string into the search field at the top of the
registry editor, and then click the Start Search button. Additional search
options are available in the drop-down menu of this button.

* The program supports automatic update.

* Registry Snapshots tool:

1) The Remove All Snapshots command is added to the context menu.

2) Snapshots are compared by their creation date, rather than the
order they were selected. This means an older snapshot is compared
with a newer one.

* Fixed bugs:

1) Application Uninstaller: Zero-length binary registry values were not
displayed when the user would review changes made to the system by
the installed application.

2) In the Startup Items section of Important Registry Parts, an error
occurred when the user would select an item which is associated
with a relative path with a command line parameter. The error
would display the error message that the system could not find the
specified path.

3) Some elements of the registry search match editing window could
be placed wrong if the window was resized.

4) If you open the Applications Uninstaller tool, enter some text in the search
field, close the window and reopen it again, this causes an error message.

5) Some elements of the Classic Windows theme were displayed

6) Fixed problem with freezing the program when searching the registry.

7) An error message "Error working with the strings storage file!"
might occur when closing the program.

8) If you press and hold the F5 key (Update data command) in the
registry editor, the error "Access violation" might occur.

9) The registry replace feature of the registry editor does not work
for the values of the type REG_BINARY, if the search string was
found in the value name.

Download Reg Organizer 5.30