Soft Organizer 3.10 - What's New

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Soft Organizer 3.10 - What's New

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The new Soft Organizer 3.10 has been released.

Download Soft Organizer 3.10

What's New in 3.10:

* Added the ability to perform delayed removal of the program traces. Now
when you uninstall an application you can reboot the system if the standard
uninstaller requires it and then remove all traces of the app from
the system.

* Soft Organizer now supports the uninstall scenarios which need
reboot. You may reboot the system during the application's uninstall,
if necessary. On Windows load return to the Soft Organizer utility
and it will proceed to the cleanup of traces left by the uninstalled

* Added the ability to quickly add an item to the ignore list directly
from the window that shows the traces associated with an application.