Full Uninstall 2.10 beta 2 - What's New

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Full Uninstall 2.10 beta 2 - What's New

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The new Full Unisntall 2.10 beta 2 has been released.

Download Full Uninstall 2.10 beta 2

What's New in 2.10 beta 2:

* The System Restore Point creation during the uninstall now may be disabled
in the program' s Settings.

* Fixed bugs.

What's New in 2.10 beta 1:

* Application traces searching algorithm has been improved. Now when
uninstalling an application via Full Uninstall, it detects more
data left by the uninstalled application in the system.

* An ability to install updates to the applications installed with

* Now you can install applications with tracing directly from the
Windows Explorer's context menu.

* The support for simultaneous removal of two or more applications
has been added. The list of applications in the main window now
supports multiple selection.

* While an application is being uninstalled with its built-in
uninstall tool, an ability to start searching for the application's
traces without waiting for the uninstall process to finish has
been added. This works best when the default uninstaller of
a program works incorrectly or halts.

* Windows 8 Consumer Preview support.

* Bug fixed: Under Windows XP the command to show the registry
key in the editor being called from application traces viewing window
might not work.