Reg Organizer 6.26 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 6.26 - What's New

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The new Reg Organizer 6.26 has been released.

Download Reg Organizer 6.26

What's new in 6.26:

* Fixed the error "Floating point division by zero" occurred on
some systems when using the registry cleanup tool.

What's new in 6.25:

* Application Uninstaller:

1) Now is it easy to remove multiple applications at once. To
activate this function select a program and click at the
arrow on the Uninstall Application button.

2) The rarely used items have been removed from the applications
list. Currently, a larger number of system and service components will not be
shown in the applications list by default, but it is easy to enable the
displaying of them, if necessary, by using the button on the status bar
at the bottom of the window.

* The logic of working with the registry and disk cleanup results
window has been improved. Now all entries for which the
checkmarks were taken off are automatically added to the
exclusion list and will not be located during the next
cleanup. Formerly, such entries were ignored during
the current cleanup session only.