Reg Organizer 5.46 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 5.46 - What's New

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The new Reg Organizer 5.46 has been released.

Download Reg Organizer 5.46

What's new in Reg Organizer 5.45:

* The registry cleanup ignore list has been updated.

* Bug fixed: the program could hang during the registry cleanup on some
system when checking the Documents Types And Other Properties registry

* Minor internal changes aimed at improving the product quality.

What's new in Reg Organizer 5.45:

* Increased usability:

1) Registry editor: When saving a key to a file, the default file name
which corresponds to the name of the key is offered.

2) Dynamic resizing of the elements in the program's windows. In the
earlier versions, the size of the elements changed only after a user
released the mouse button. Now elements change their size
dynamically as if moving the mouse cursor with the button pressed.

* Application Uninstaller tool:

1) Application traces searching algorithm has been improved. Now when
uninstalling an application via Reg Organizer, it detects more
data left by the uninstalled application in the system.

2) An ability to install updates to the applications installed with

3) Now you can install applications with tracing directly from the
Windows Explorer's context menu.

4) The support for simultaneous removal of two or more applications
has been added. The list of applications in the Application
Uninstaller tool window now supports multiple selection.

5) While an application is being uninstalled with its built-in
uninstall tool, an ability to start searching for the application's
traces without waiting for the uninstall process to finish has
been added. This works best when the default uninstaller of
a program works incorrectly or halts.

6) The System Restore Point creation during the uninstall now
may be disabled in the program's Settings.

* Windows 8 Release Preview support.

* Bugs fixed:

1) Fixed the error "Failed to get data for" in the Registry Cleanup
tool while checking the "Shell Commands" registry part.

2) Registry editor: Column sorting didn't work for the tabs of

3) The "Shared Libraries" section of the Manual Registry Cleanup
tool could display a negative number in the "Hist Applications"
column. This could happen if the number was too big, for example,

4) Portable version: The program could leave two empty folders in the
data folders of the system.

5) If the option "Restore registry location of the previous session"
was turned off, that necessary registry path didn't open if a user
switched to it from the Registry Cleanup or Application Uninstaller