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Registry Life - What's New

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Registry Life 3.34 has been released.

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What's new

Version 3.34 (November 10, 2016):

* Minor improvements.

Version 3.33 (September 29, 2016):

* The registry cleanup works faster.

* Improvements to the registry cleanup tool algorithm. The
safety of the tool, already high, has been increased.

Version 3.32 (August 29, 2016):

* The interface of the registry cleanup stage where the number of
the found problems is show has been updated.

* The multi-language support module improvements.

Version 3.31 (August 19, 2016):

* Minor improvements.

Version 3.30 (July 12, 2016):

* Installer has been updated.
* Minor improvements.

Version 3.29 (May 13, 2016):

* Improved the multi-monitor systems support.

* Bug fixed: If a translation to the language different from English
was enabled, the Undoing Changes Center window has left untranslated.

Version 3.28 (May 4, 2016):

* Minor changes.

Version 3.25 (March 22, 2016):

* Bug fixed: If larger system fonts are enabled in Windows 10/8.1,
the program's windows were blurred.

Version 3.24 (January 13, 2016):

* Minor visual changes.

Version 3.23 (December 15, 2015):

* Visual changes in the registry cleanup window.

* Registry Cleanup: The program will now automatically add the the
entries which have not been removed to the ignore list.

Version 3.22 (October 13, 2015):

* Minor internal changes.

Version 3.21 (October 16, 2015):

* Minor internal changes.

Version 3.20 (September 15, 2015):

* If the system is installed on the solid-state drive (SSD), the
registry files defragmentation is not performed during the registry
optimization. Only the compression is performed, which eliminates
areas with already removed data in the registry files.

* When opening the registry cleanup tool the scanning starts

* Fixed bug: It was not possible to close the registry cleanup
window during the scan using the cross in the window's corner.
Version 3.10 (August 18, 2015):

* Support of users translations of the program into the other
languages. If you want to translate Registry Life into
the another language, please visit

* The ignore list of the registry cleanup function has been

Version 3.07/3.08 (June 29, 2015):

* Minor fixes.

Version 3.06 (May 12, 2015):

* The registry cleanup function works more safely.

* The problem with the application's digital signature has
been fixed.

Version 3.05 (April 21, 2015):

* A module for working with the autorun applications has been

Version 3.04 (April 14, 2015):

* Minor internal changes.

Version 3.03:

* The startup management module named Autorun Organizer has been

Version 3.02:

* Interface changes.

Version 3.0:

* The program's user interface has been updated.
* The registry cleanup function ignore list update.

Version 2.09:

* The registry cleanup function ignore list update.
* Minor improvements.

Version 2.07:

* Minor improvements.

Version 2.06:

* Minor improvements.

Version 2.05:

* A problem was fixed after the optimization when the Hidden attribute
was taken off from the files where the registry is stored. This
led to the fact that the files of the registry become visible in
Explorer with the standard settings.

* The rarely used options have been removed from the program settings.

* The safety of the registry cleanup function has been increased.

Version 2.01:

* Minor internal changes.

Version 2.0:

* The automatically started applications optimization functionality has been added.
* Interface changes.

Version 1.71:

* Minor improvements.

Version 1.70:

* Internal improvements.

* A social network group button has been added.

Version 1.69:

* If Registry Life cannot connect to the server during the updates
check, it opens the official site page so that the user is able to
manually update the program.

Version 1.68:

* Internal changes.
* The advertisement banner is now marked with the corresponding caption.

Version 1.67:

* Bugs fixing.

Version 1.66:

* The ignore list of the registry cleanup function has been

Version 1.65:

* The ignore list of the registry cleanup function has been

Version 1.64:

* Fixed the error "Floating point division by zero" that occurred
on some systems when using the registry cleanup tool.
* Added an automatic program update.

Version 1.63:

* The logic of working with the registry and disk cleanup
results window has been improved. Now all entries for which
the checkmarks were taken off are automatically added to
the exclusion list and will not be located during the next
cleanup. Formerly, such entries were ignored during
the current cleanup session only.

* The ignore list of the registry cleanup function has been

Version 1.62:

* A new registry part named Recently Used Files has been added to the
registry cleanup function. It allows you to check the correctness of the
items from the drop-down lists of the standard Open and Save file
Windows dialog boxes. As a result, only the existing files will be
present in the drop-down lists.

Version 1.51:

* The registry cleanup ignore list has been updated.

* When running Registry Life from a different user account, the
program will auto-detect the system language and by default switch
the user interface to it (if the language is supported by Registry

Version 1.50:

* The buttons are used in the main window to switch to the program's
tools instead of the hyperlinks.
* The Undoing Changes Center is an updated feature allowing you to rollback
changes made to the system registry using Registry Life.
1) For each backup, you can see what registry items are
affected by it.
2) Automatic deletion of obsolete backups.
3) The ability to rename backups. With this function, it is possible
to specify any keywords in the backup's name allowing you to easily
distinguish one backup from another.
* Improved support of the Windows 8 operating system by the registry cleanup

Version 1.40:

* The program may automatically turn the PC off after registry optimization.
* The program appearance has been optimized for the larger system fonts.
* The registry cleanup ignore list has been updated.

Version 1.33:

* The registry cleanup ignore list has been updated.
* Bug fixed: Incorrect information about the previous registry cleanup
and optimization date could display in the main window.

Version 1.32:

* A new option was added to the Settings window allowing you to disable the
creation of backups.